Monday, February 8, 2010

Something Lovely

Something lovely caught my eye and sparked my sense of curiosity.  It shone like gold in the sun and swayed with the powerless wind.  A field of sparkles wavering and glistening like the glittering reflections upon the sea.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Colors of a Country

With drops of rain fell the colors of a country and I was deeply moved by the sorrow my eyes had seen!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ruins or Refuge?

If I were a cat, this would be my favorite refuge!  A refuge from the raging winds, a safe place to hide, a beautiful sacred space!  If I lived nearby this beautiful place it would be my secret spot to reflect and meditate on life, love, and all the universal wonders!  Can you imagine the beautiful fresh air.  I would take it in deeply, longingly, as if I never had a breath of fresh air before!  This place was full of dreams and sparked my wild imagination!

Friday, February 5, 2010

A Mother's Love, A Mother's Understanding

Her warm embrace.  Her sweet caress.  A deep, unconditional love.  She is small, frail, and beautiful.  Her deep urge to protect.  Everything comes from a mother's love!  I love Mother nature!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


 The smell of lavender lingers in the air as large bright bees buzz between strands of grass and lavender flowers.  The gate pulls me in, inviting me to explore beyond it and the bare trees speak to me.  They call my name loudly and inform me of their importance.  They are great and although they are bare, they are far from dead.  They are intensely alive!  Do they speak to you?  What do you think?

Of Children

Beauty screams at me from this photo!  At first glance it looks like it was taken long ago, like that could in fact be me in my child years, but in reality it was only 2007 and those are my cousins babies.  Everything seems a little dirty, a little dreary.  The spikey bars are cold and sharp and easily prick your fingers if you are not paying attention.  The smell you don't see here, but it is disctict, not a bad smell but a unique one non-the-less.  It doesn't smell like food or detergents or anything familiar to the world I normal frequent.  It is a smell I cannot describe or place except that it smells like Argentina, where this photo was taken.  The children too look a little dirty, their clothes outdated.  Small with big, bright eyes, living in a seemingly easy life, full of laughter and minor frustrations.  That's my toy...stop pushing me...I want that!!!  Who could imagine the hurt, confusion and pain?  It's the same intensity as a child, as it is for us now as adults, just a different level, different maturity, different ways of handling it all, expressing it all.  Yet they are pure at heart.  Still exploring, daring, and eager to run free beyond those bars that confine them to their small allotted play space...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Before I write my first blog and delve into my memory of this photo, I'm anxious to see what others get out of this photo!